Friday, June 22, 2012

Eternal Flame~!

From the first time we
Embrace, you took me
By, surprise when you kissed me
I knew there was something
Very special about you!

It was very sensual, when you step
Into my world, allowed me to
see that there is flames and sparks

I'm sitting here just smiling, thinking of you

Counting on the moments
When I, can spend with you again

You make me feel wonderful
I, make a wish upon a Star, you
Shall remain in my heart forever

When you kiss me I seen sparks
You just took me there, it dosen't matter
Near or far I can only love you.

You left me with first degree burns
within, my inner core of my soul you

Steam, me always, as I release the smoke
You quench my thirst, each time even when
 I think of you from a distance

I can now admit, within reason
There is truth, when they say there is
Eternal flames, kiss me again I'm ready!

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