Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I Wasn't Enough For You?

By the time you read
This there will be a letter
Place by the door waiting
Just for you! no need to
Find me I'm  done I
Out your secret how dare
You! i was a good woman
The best  you  ever had
Now it's over no time for this

Right about now I'm
Still in shock I'll be fine
When everything will be
Done concerning you
How dare you take from
Me the best years of my
Life I thought when it came
Came to you and me i was
Your everything all i see now
Is nothing more than
Wasted years

Tonight I was here like
Always sleeping when I
Heard your phone ringing
Thinking you were at work
Was I surprise to hear a
Woman  voice on the other
End saying baby when are
You coming home?  so I
Listen she  had no idea

She was talking to me your
Your wife then she said the
Kids trying to wait  up for you?
What dam kids? you didn't even
Want any with me I'm in shock
Right about now then she said
Once we put them to bed then
I do what you like to see me in

My natural skin I went off said
This is his dam wife bitch then
She said I married to him too I
Said how have  long you been
Married to you she said 12yrs
I said for me 15yrs I asked how
Many kids she has she told me
You both have five kids the
Oldest was twelve yrs old

The youngest were the two sets
Of twins eight and six that took
My mind away for a moment
Congratulations see your ass in
Court you find the wedding ring
On the floor this marriage is done
The price to pay is your pockets
Now your child support I be the
First to be paid off I was your first
Wife when the court through with
I really don't even give a dam about
You any more good bye!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Water Flows~!

There was a Man
Who was torn
Washed ashore
From a distance

He, thought back
When he arrived
Home, when he
Received the

Ship,that carried
His, wife had a
Accident, she was
To, close to the edge
She, fell over
Never, to be found
Again, couldn't
He see her?
No, she died

Now, she shed
Her, tears if only
This never happen
Instead, it did
She, a ghost at
The sea all alone
Calling his name

How could
He ever recover ?
He found himself
Shutting, down

He begin to
Loose his mind
To a point of
No return calling
Out his wife name

He only kept a
Part of mind
Seeing, her, from
Morning, straight
Into the night

He broke down left
In a Mental Institution 
As he walked in a
daze from the
Medication, he would
Talk to himself
Thinking how he

Broke down being
Caged, walking back
From, one corner to
Another, screaming
Fighting, every day
I, love you!

At the sea
She floating
On, top of
The world her

Body substance
was liquid water
Cry tears, needing
Wanting only

There love was
Precious,and , pure
Some can say undying
Love, now broken

He will never
Be the same
Without his
Only love

She lying
On the earth
At sea, his
Mind, just
Took, him
Waiting on

He died
That, night
Now his soul
Is, free now
They are both
Together, again
Lost, at sea

Friday, July 6, 2012

Self Contained Soul~!

Self contained soul was buried need to
Breathe, today lashing at the world, buried
As you gather your thoughts, can you see the
Soul coming out from with your body? Your
Soul, been crushed scattered ,all over the place
Why? Am I hearing words, that are making no
Sense to me my soul was on over load yet
I remain to sit alone need to figure this out
Where, do I begin, I know release the wicked
World, casting a spell upon my mind you can't
Contain, me my soul came out, I was torn apart reborn again, I'm now free !

Friday, June 22, 2012

Eternal Flame~!

From the first time we
Embrace, you took me
By, surprise when you kissed me
I knew there was something
Very special about you!

It was very sensual, when you step
Into my world, allowed me to
see that there is flames and sparks

I'm sitting here just smiling, thinking of you

Counting on the moments
When I, can spend with you again

You make me feel wonderful
I, make a wish upon a Star, you
Shall remain in my heart forever

When you kiss me I seen sparks
You just took me there, it dosen't matter
Near or far I can only love you.

You left me with first degree burns
within, my inner core of my soul you

Steam, me always, as I release the smoke
You quench my thirst, each time even when
 I think of you from a distance

I can now admit, within reason
There is truth, when they say there is
Eternal flames, kiss me again I'm ready!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Time Running Out~!

I took the time to run out
To buy the Hour glass to
Remind, me of the
Years that passed by
In reminiscing, the times
Of thinking about you
And  me, I'm sitting here
By the door

In hopes that you shall
Return, back, here to me
Now things have changed
We were at our worst
Things were said, here
Come the fight, blow after
Blow,until I shouted to you
To get out! So you did night
After night, I was worried
Not one Single phone
At, all why did you do this?
Left me in tears, feeling bad
I sat back down thought about
The first time we were was introduce
Through your friends you
Made me smile, the whole time

You see that we have to do some
Deep soul searching, together as
One, when will you return? Time up.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Strength

 My Strength is my belief in my challenges
In my life, I became humble when I can just bleed
My INK~! I can focus on a pic

All by myself to reconstruct my mind
Channel into my own World as I sit
Still rest awhile, free as the birds that
Fly in the sky

No one really know what to expect of me,
Hell some times I didn't know myself needed
To pray for better days

I begin to lock horns for the fight of my life
I was holding out on myself the burdens ran
It's way for me to say what are you doing?

I had to get it in fighting for a cause
This my life it's me the Poet, I'm claiming
It my time getting stronger every day I get it

I regain my Strength for wisdom
Power peace of mind to open new
Doors for me, thank you God through
My thoughts, you brought me back to
Where I needed to be Strength~!.

Sunday, May 20, 2012


What was on my mind so deep
When all I thought about was only
My needs, no I have two women
That I took advantage of

Dam, I took one out to Dinner
The other just love to stay home
To pamper me all the time why
Did I do this?

Trying to live life in the fast lane
This was insane, never ever thought
For a moment that they knew each other

Words, were exchanged the look on their
Faces, I shall never ever forget their eyes told
The story, as they both stormed out the door

Lies, after another one looking
Like a dam fool in the end, Yes
The price feel upon me

Because I messed their heads up
I, did this there is no more than I
Can, say to either one of them

I fucked them up deceit should
Have been my name their innocence
Is, lost as I took from their forbidden

Fruits, I was there delight now there
No, one to talk to word got out I thought
I was in control, this so call Man who I

Called, myself  the  player was cursed out slapped
In my face that right letting go because to
Tell ,you the truth I left with my head hung
Down, because I was the jack ass it's

Not, about me slapping five with my hommies
If it happen to them I should have known better

It was my time to yeah me the so call smooth
Charmer, left  in the dust because I finally got

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

(The Vamp Sisters)-The Fang-Delicious Saga!! Fang-Delicious- Daughters

Blood Family Vampires Awaking~!
By Rosalind Cherry (The Vamp Sisters)-The Fang-Delicious Saga!!
Fang-Delicious- Daughters

Mother starting to be a bother, after quite some time of many
Centuries from the year of (1897) over and over again we are 
Ordered to wait for the feed, I say Hell to the first order of 
Death. doom is now the time for our feed being that I'm the eldest 
Of The pack Fangula Busty I wheel my victims watch my breast, 
I Lure Them in then I go in for the kill I get there through the fog 
That leads into the night I lure my prey, making them feel love we 
Never, received that not even through Mother always told us to
 Kill the Prey feed on the blood bring it home take your ass straight to your 
Coffins, how many time should we keep listening to her?
 I have something to say to, when you thought I was asleep 
I was in the Sheets getting my freak on I just can't help it,
 I believe this is why Mother named me Fang-Freakious 
I can't help all of you How to Please a man or for you sister Fang Sha Da Fang you Desires 
Both I watch you even as we all bath in blood, no need to 
Be Ashamed you bitch dam straight but your fangs back in your
Mouth, Fangular Dee, why are you so quite? 
you are the Youngest one always quite until you rise to tell 
Mother everything, Well look at all of you acting like you got it all,
 I'm the quite one With the Most kills that why I'm Mother favorite,
 I can get any Man with my Lustful way, I persuaded them my victims young and 
Old with Pleasure, then I rip out there hearts then I now have a 
Taste for The brain I just hate when I have to pick my fangs he he he,
 Oh You are looking surprise no more different when 
I developed The taste for intestines to, Yes I'm the true descent of
 Desmoudous Routundas inscribed on my back Romanian of the 2 
Order of The blood pack, of death and you trying to control the 
Castle look At all of you acting like of pack of fake killers. 
I used My, hyphotic telepathic Powers for all of my pets to turn on you,
 Unless I Become leader of the pack by the way I sharped my Fangs my oh My, 
all of you thought you were on top silly fools, as 
They all Turned around there were hundreds of Vampires all
 Throughout the World destroy kill we are Immortal,Fang-Freakious
Run my bath of blood, Fang-Sha-Da fix my hair my an 
Count Dream eyes waiting on me put your fangs away before 
I rip you Into many pieces I warned you already I know what you were 
Thinking silly bitch, all the time messing with me jealous for what
I was your baby sister. Fang-Da-Busty all you talk about is your
Boobs now you shall conceive our child, I need a niece or nephew 
That will string your breasts that you cherish so much let that be a Lesson to you 
The, walls of the Castle more packs of Dogs,Fogs 
Were setting among them there were bats that through the 
Windows from the High ceilings there they were hanging out. 
Now What were you Saying about following orders. Here come Mother,
 She retired to I have her right beside me yes she been beheaded,
Through me Her head she didn't want to listen to me either ,
 I'm in control and Poor Elizabeth thinking and plotting she was going to be the next 
One before me, Now I'm the ruler Bow down to me, well you lost
 For words no the looks on their face was of no surprise to me no 
Rise I'm the 2order to the first Power Romanians rise as we are Set to kill,
 I have some time to be with Mother lover we are about To get it in.
 Let it be a lesson never sleep on your baby sister now get me my glass of blood,
 I'm starting to look pale I want to rip this town from generation to generation 
wouldn't want Mother name to be in Vain Ha Ha Ha. 
I loving this leader of the pack death and doom will be tattoo 
on me to it's the new thing that out and hot, I hear my lover calling me from his coffin,
wear my black gown tonight we shall marry!
 Here to the power of Blood Family... Vampire Awakenings~! New order
for the year of 2012. Dam Straight

BloodFamily Vampires Awaking~! Meet Rosalind Cherry (Fang-Delicious)

BloodFamily Vampires Awaking~! Meet Rosalind Cherry (Fang-Delicious) 
I have Travel low and High now I'm In the year of 2012! 
Me and my family yet they still choose to Fuck with me and them this battle is about 
To begin, how many time what is this a group of people with Map, 
could they be lost or try to see was this a true story about 
Vampires, let the killing game begin what is this How dare them to 
Enter my Castle as if they would Ever find me the Bastards are in for a surprise 
To leave me with Sacramental bread, Ha Ha now It's time for me to rise,
set upon my need to feed rip their necks I'm so need the thrust, must use my
 Supernatural Powers Should I go as a Bat, Wolf, Dog, or a fog when
 I shift shape No one is ever allowed in my Chambers of death until 
I do my My bid through my Hyphptic-Telepatitic, can't they 
See the eerie walls long corridors right in their faces 
My tomb of death years on being here since, the Centuries (1897)
 I just wonder will they understand my words that was Engraved upon the walls, 
Desmodus Rotundaz words scribed representing Romanian, 
As the town folks still utter the words in fear Vamprism, 
First victim Hum he looks like a keeper I went to go slowly behind his back sized him up he smiled at me.
My eyes set upon him. I commanded him to look into my eyes, 
then I was there in one of many In the Chamber room of death.
 He was fascinated with my tongue as I liked him, as my personal pet.
 I slammed him On the bed we made love then I bit him over and over again,
 Hell I always have a extra coffins, For my new additional family that I keep or for my Soldiers
. He slayed there not saying a word, Now was time for the next victim 
Oh look at him, such a mess I have no need So he will be my kill he seen me,
 my red eyes as if I was the Devil sister as soon as he was in the woods,
 I flew he turned around I could hear his heart pounding such a delicious dish for me,
 I got up close and personal begin to rip his clothes with my long sharp nails, 
Then I took my nails ripped and slash, rip again as if I was chopping fresh meat for Dinner, 
I put my hand in his chest to begin my feast, I love the smell the taste of my killings,
 Another One trying to stop me, How dare you little Bastards and to have two Bitches 
with you come and try me as they tried to reach me there was a Fog then a wolf, 
tired and bored I became a dog, then I was there again as myself, t
here was blood every where cut off heads two women were 
trying to run was there no end to why you all tried to come after me 
I'm the Queen of death remember this night, 
Such silly women look at them where are you trying to go can you not see my strength
 be immortal such as I will you come to terms, I will catch you,
 no Pity looks, don't mean a dam thing to me, I only have the love for blood,
 I get my freak on through the channels of my devilish way, 
I will torture you, ripe you apart from your pretty little heads
 I will walk you through when the in thing was decapitating my kind,
 Ruthless, why didn't they just leave us alone, I rise I rise, my name is 
Fang-Delicious so you don't want to join me, Yes I will Fang-Delious 
I will join your Army of Death Soldiers take me first, 
what is your name they call me Elizabeth, that was the name of one of my 
Father first kill my Mother I will spare you, 
As for you remove your clothing now look into my eyes don't you dare run
 I gave you a chance to join me, as for you Elizabeth, 
I have a bid for you to slice her neck make love with her throat you don't carry out this deed , 
your future is death as well, Now show me what you are made of here are 
my daughters co e to Mothers did all of you eat and feed not upon each other 
Mother hate it when you all get Jealous of each other.No Mother we did what was told,
 I'm so proud we have four hearts for you, Darling please 
I'm trying to watch my weight look at my youngest ,
what do you have for Mother I brought you Parts from the Human heart and intestines to Mother,
 did I make you Proud, fangs were coming out Stop the shit, 
I command you all they stood still waiting on Mother time to go as the dead body 
was torn from their feast, what a night I need my rest so, 
That will teach them to never enter my Castle , 
my Chamber of death, I will rip you tear you into many little pieces.
 Dam know I have to change my Gown, 
I took my new victim and turn her into another me as we all rest in peace
 once we return to the coffins, waiting for another kill for another night 
I'm so tired I just need my sleep Yes Fang-Delicious, never Fuck With Me~!
 if you do Death at your door once you invite me in... Ha Ha Ha Ha . 
When you least expect I'll be waiting for you!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Loving You~!

What has happen to you and me ?
I thought you were the one ,you brought
Me happiness or at least I thought so I
Guess I was so wrong when you dissed me

Then I was left with a broken heart as the tears
That feel from upon my face I seen
The both of you together then I knew
This love we had was not my reality

Instead it became my worst nightmare
All of those years, wasted for you, I became
Depress my existence seem as if I became
A different  person over night with bitterness it
Was my time to break it down become settle
With a peace of mine, yes this was good for me
Because of this, I'm stronger better than before

Time has healed me, I know longer want to
Feel a  thing for you, not in a cruel way to speak
Bad about you, instead it showed me the real you 
It's just the way you left me, I hope you will treat
Her better than you have treated me.

Loving you, was devastating to me when you acted
Like you didn't even knew me, even your family
Was acting like I was a stranger, I didn't deserve that
I was good to every one. Why because she
Had more money than me. Do remember this
In the long run, Money doesn't by love
Enjoy your wedding day,should have been
Me, that's alright she turned her head when
She seen me then she realized the Man who I
Adored and love was you I been talking about
Then I disappeared, never to return ever 

Loving you~!

Friday, March 23, 2012

My Mirror~!

 Deep in thoughts not long ago, I ran
away from my own mirror, I wonder
do another woman from  another Country

Feel like me, think like me worry about
life, what really allow us to go through all
of the ups and downs, I was not pleased
to allow a Man to put me down

Now I must think a format was to be set
in place in orfder to know what i feel one
must walk in my shoes or did you already

what about our African Queens, through
their strength of the Nation from the other
side what did she see? what will she teach

Her children what will she say to them
do we all pray at the same times, as we
look towards the Moon to see the brightnest

of the Stars now focus towards Heaven
my Mirror image of my own life, Have I
been granted now the gift that God has given


To finally see that what you see in a image
is the beauty from your heart your mind yes
I love to see my Image now, I understand

I know my Queens my sisters of many
Nations, walked many miles too in grace
we shall rise and stand as one deep in my


You could say i became the wise thinker
for the word to see, I speak of love I have
a Soul I'm God child, I'm not alone enough

For me to say look into the Mirror stand
tall with pride,smile blessings of the day
this is for all the Queens, Rise, Rise, Rise

Be lifted, Pray my emotions of a thinker
who was once scared of any mirror not
any more, I was Classified in fear no more


Time to see myself one more time
in my Mirror, Thank you God

 Now as you make new Paths in Life
move forward to a better day, What makes
us real women understanding bonding sharing


Again I say to you have you
took a good look at yourself
in the Mirror to say I love me

Now go for what you know
learn to grow and continue
on to love

I see you in the Mirror Now~!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Miles Away ~!

 How is that you can speak of love
from a distance,from two very different
Women, Miles away...

I missed you every day, until I found the letter
no need to deny it final what I expected is right
here before me....

Do you realized that sooner or  later you would
get caught in your own web, Did you take those
times of diving in the Ocean to together?

Just like you did with me, did you
make love to her caress her say things
like I love you? Yet you still have nothing
to say? Lies have a way to catch up with
you, so Good bye stay away forever as I
allow myself to heal...

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Living the life of a epileptic, come sadness
at times, trapped in a corner, 
being teased as a child
How do you survive?
I refused to let pity play a part of me 
then I'm on the floor trying to breath, 
just don't look and stare
make a call,

This is not the time for me to die
I'm a human being, just like you, 
I can smile,
I love to read, so why are you so afraid of me 
You question my sanity,
As I take my pills in order to live 

God had plans for me
I take it all in every day
I continue on to pray. 
Step into my world.
Can't you see when I'm left alone, 
I became lifted within my soul
Free is what I was told
Yes me, I'm free...
Gods power is my strength,
My word for me

Today in my life, as i smile, 
Even in and out of the Hospitals
I'm still Lifted, I was blessed to see another day...
So never judge, we are just misunderstood
Time to make a stand~! 
The world is looking for people
like us Epileptics~!  
We are people to...
All we want is to be treated fairly.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


How can one set their feelings
to capture ones heart?
Keep your heart open to love
A bitter taste from upon your tongue as you lash
towards my way~!

You once said,
 That my beauty came from within my love
That I had for you
Now all that is left is a broken heart~!

I could see these thoughts
 That made my mind clouded
Yes, I must have seen that you drowned my mind
 into tiny fragments of anger
She lost her soul
My way of living is now through misery
Deeper and deeper, I'm drowning

No pose for you today
Shattered, not any more
Piece by piece I will pick myself up
I will not drown today...
I'd rather be left alone~!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Shall Remember You Forever~!

I wanted to let my hair down
feel the breeze tender moments
of you and me,
I missed you
especially when
played in my hair,
we had so
much love. to give
then it was the accident
now it's over,
you are gone forever
tears of sadness,as i look out
towards the pond
I could see you, by our
special place,me you
 I thought forever,
 let me close
my eyes just pretend...
you are still here with
as I threw the flowers in
the pond to
always to remember you ~!
because that love
remain in my heart

Thursday, March 8, 2012

I Want To Travel The World ~! See You Again

I want to travel the World to see you
then I realized in my mind...

Where do I go, who would tell me
loving you, missed you, I love the
air cool waters that touched
my body, as my emotion

were set into play, I want to sail
let my hair down, just to see what
life could be like...
so pure so precious, captured
core of my soul, when we
made love for the very
time I knew
I loved you~!

Friday, March 2, 2012

I Could Be Any One Of These Beautiful Women~!

There's something special that I can see, when I look into their eyes
We as Women want to be free, release ourselves you feeling me
 I just want to smile, walk with grace and see the World express my mind
Do you see what I see, Now here is a woman that is as rare as a beautiful Rose
 She delicate in every way, never let go of the soft petals look into our souls as we release it ,It is how and what you do, to make us happy

  Oh my you treat me so well. I can see where we might be, but I don't want to be compromised to see you say to me it's a waste of time, But I feel good when it comes to be the one in love with you and only you~! When you showed me your heart that love was meant to be ,Once I seen it in your eyes as you seen
the beauty within me~!

Now you want me to dance and watch my hips
I know what you like, my rhythm is tight
when oh you get all over me, when we are dancing
I go all up in it, watch these hips move left to right
just for you my Boo, making me work for this in the
end ,I be the one wrapped up in your arms~!I dance
all around the world ,just you and me as I set you to
look into my soul, let us dance again, watch my hips
I love when you lift me this is the best life ever,This
life is priceless ,Women of this world,so special and rare
so except us ,show us that a deep love is real , never ever
let it go because once we are in your heart we shall remain
forever only just for you~!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Who Can Say Love Can't Hurt ~!

I look towards Heaven and asking God this need
has to be control ,because you can't make a person
feel for you but when I see him those eyes that took
my breath away I miss you, sometimes fate has a way
for you to look at life in a different way smiles start to
fade but yet you but this front up, but you know the real dam you can't hide from yourself, or can you see
your emotions have you on the edge, well have that talk with God you shall see as you look towards the
sun he been watching you from afar,did you feel like
you just wanted to cry, then feel free to do so we are all human beings remember how happy you were as soon as he pulled up that smile was priceless, thing of the past now and for as much as it tampers your soul
let it go time to move on,if a man love you for real he be right there for you no matter what rejection, well you are not alone it has happen to many of us,some choose to say it why other choose to hide it telling you
about a mystery man that don't exist at all maybe one day
he might just see how much you loved him until then keep
that contact with God~!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Will Are Paths Meet Again ~!

I went out on a date with this very special man, He said
would you like to go with me into this out standing cave
I said yes, there was the sun rise starting to go down now
I proceeded to go on with him any way never thought for
a moment that he could really find an interest in me but as he
continue to light the fire the cave was so breath taking he gathered

up more wood, we were close together, I never felt so safe
but this man had special qualities about him, let me see what
will become of this Champagne , cheddar cheese and grapes he
was spoiling me already, I closed my eyes to hear the wind

 then he stood up before me ,to say to me, lets take a walk, there is
still more to show you I smiled the whole time,I kept trying to listen
for his foot steps. I knew maybe to you or others it sounds funny but
to tell you the truth ,I was a little, scared especially when we walked
to the edge but he had me that whole time,it was the best day ever
he asked me would I mind going out with him again and I said yes,
can't wait because this man really excited me~! 

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Two Lives Being Played On Why ~!

 Dam life has a way of catching up with you funny.Now peep this my Boo
was telling me that he was seeing a Woman I knew, but never told me it was
his Boss and my long time friend now this is something I have to live with, so
I loss all of my respect I was now in a rage, I would think about the time she
was licking her lips closing her eyes and to think the dessert was him, Lives
being tampered with have seen the difference to way I sleep and eat,because
I'm now carrying his baby this low down dirty dog~!

Dam I did a three year bid now I'm caught between two women
love my Chocolate and my Whip cream to bad I can have them
both together yeah I have to admit to be a freak in the bed , floor
any where but I still love my wife and the way I got busted, by her
Mom she shall never ever respect me again as I was lying in the bed with my Boss this shit is down right dirty my wife having my baby never forget that look that she gave me when she hung up the phone~! If look could kill I be dead  right now~! Dam!!!

Oh well I been busted but he told me he loved me now
she having his baby, why did his mother law have to
have the keys to their home, now he wants me you wait
on him when I know his ass will receive from him no call
no show this is the last time I shall mess with a married
man dam shame because I'm going to miss him move
away because when his wife drops her load she going
to beat my ass ~! So I'll pack right now to get away~!
My lies my shame,fake excuses finally caught up to me
no job,no life, I lost it all because of this married man nothing
will ever be the same~!

Where Can He Be ~!

 Where can he be I'm in heat he driving me crazy, why did I do
this to myself again some old thing day in day out why did I see
that this might be something to know that I was changing love is
really something deep I'm all alone now, what will I do can't call it

I had to look like everything alright but it wasn't to tell
you the truth it was never the same since he left me now
just going back in time to the good old days, what can I
now say that once i seen the keys on the table I knew he
was now just gone for good, while I'm here still looking
for him to come home~! But it's to late but I can change
one day he shall see this nut case finally got it moving on
to better days still yet to come~!

A Woman Touch Can Turn Into Gold ~!

When I think of you I can transform, look at me what
can you see that this love is deep I'm now in a trance
over you I love the way you make me feel so dam sexy
only having my eyes just for you there no need to prove
what I feel for you lean back and you shall see I'm right
behind you,loving,showing,sharing,seeing, all that you have
been to me the grass that we lay upon the bed together Wow
you have me screaming your name over and over again those
special satin sheets the softness between me and you is so real
I never  want to be no other place than between you nice and
slow harder deep screaming and riding you are the true keeper

My King...My transformation is amazing I needed you can you
can see it too the transformation of a Woman touch is quite amazing
We learn from each other I know you love when I whisper in your
ear you know that thing that turns you on when I say get  into your
Position let me follow you to the bed of roses softness of my body
against your your strength is all that I shall ever need I love you can
you see this is what i needed all of my life as a Queen my King is Here~!

So you can see the transformation has been set all because of you I'm looking into your
eyes over and over again deeper and deeper I shall see that a true King knows how to keep
his Queen and treat her right~!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Oh My Did You Noticed Me From Afar~! Really Darling

It was known that I could travel many places throughout the
world but yet in my thoughts of many travels,There you were
from a distance let me strike a pose the camera was ready but
was I needed a break for myself no cameras please but something
was different I love the way you smile you had that way with me, you
knew it well too so I was dress to kill, Hum what would be your next move I would say to myself so he introduced himself to me I was so
please to meet him finally he said would you like a light so instantly by
surprise I strike a pose, but I kept it real to say that this fine looking
man was of no interest to me at all. then I would only be lying to all
of any one so I accepted the light from him then I pretended that he
was among the crowd of many, Oh here they come again flash, flash
time to go driver please I need my car then as I went to take my keys
there he was to say where would you like to go, I smile and said surprise
me that was a wonderful night a evening to see that special man and me
were in the car together finally then we went towards my home and yes
I said you are welcome to come with me~! Best part of the night when he
said may I call you my Darling~! How divine  ~! How nice what a beautiful

In The Night I Shall Always Be Reminded Of You~!

When I first seen you in the night of darkness that fell
I knew you were my shining light you took me to that
very special place you told me this a new path for me
me and you I tried to see was this really what you were
feeling fin your heart for me or was,it just words that you
wanted m to feel good about myself, but I look into your
eyes you melted my soul I would be lost without you funny
thing about love when you don't look for it what a blessing
Strong man with a strong Woman is priceless what about that
kiss that can say it all or the way he can touch your face, loving
I enjoy our time together in the night fall holding hands laughing
just me and you I'm so happy now we have a foundation,we are
are God creation so you see my inner thoughts of thinking of him
In the night I shall always be reminded of you ~! Love you always

Monday, February 20, 2012

Fire and Desire

COLLABORATION DONE BY Rosalind Cherry and Alfreda Ghee
(In Response To William S. Peters Sr. and Miguel Keaton)

Sista Roz

You don't really know about my spankings
but you are saying you don't really know me you are so right
but why are you looking at me this way
forget about what you heard
let me whisper this in your ears Shhhhh
now we might have our needs
but get in here and close that door
now you can start by saying please.
Feel the softness of my skin
is the warmth of the Valley
the Garden is covered with the flows of my juices
now can you see why my Valley runs deep
with my motion of my potion
loving my flow I now respond by saying to you in a whisper

Sista Free

My eyes are wide open
ears hearing you speak those sweet words
love has captured us but will you entice us thrice
as i wipe your sweat from your brow
while my eyes caress your  thighs
my mind travels down your chest and feast upon the rest
my lips fondle your inner calls of desires
as i leave traces of hot trails of wet licks down your back.....

Sista Roz

i have what you can call the Native Dancer
watch me as i move my hips
i get lower and lower
i will leave you in a trance
dont take your eyes off of me spilling my ink
upon feelings that have you thinking that i am the QUEEN
out here on mating season
while the whole time my KING was caught up looking into my eyes
can you start to feel the heat
now look at my lips
taste them
what flavor come into tplay
are you getting hot yet from this jungle fever
as when im finished with you
you will be climbing trees
as i lay there watching you screaming out my name
thats right the QUEEN.......THE KEEPER.....
that gave you this hot fever
you know what i like to
now start to suck my toes
im bringing out my desires 
and as i watching you drip after drip
until you sweat moving and thrusting forward
im QUEEN of the jungle
you are now under attack
you have been naughty 
now i have to spank you
lets talk about the ecstasies
you talk of blowing your horn
whenim done with you
your breath is almost over
you're breathing hard im going to give you a moment to catch your breat
have you seen the way i can sattle you up
straight to the mountain top
now lay down Daddy
here is your glass of water
is that you calling my name again
"Oh Roz mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm"
QUEEN of the jungle i tamed you just right.....

Sista Free

 my pen leaks with ink and replinish itself on demand
we are full of life and live only to please 
and rock you with ease
as you lay between our thighs
i will rise to every lick and flick that you attempt to giveas long
as you seize the moment and do as i please
making your body gyrate as i squeeze you so gently
as i leave melodies of humming across your loins
 in warm burst of squirts coming from
your beingyour every word is "oh My God Has sent Me An Angel
i am ready to claim her"this isnt a dream
this is really what it seems
my licks and sucks of your every width
speaking in tongues you shall be in hush
you will melt like M&M's.....
 but.... we are like Lays you can't just eat one.....

Sista Free and Sista  Roz

i will suck if they should

cause when the sucking is done
the real action will be beginning
and your flood gates will open
because your led pencil has now gone on empty
i know what i did was justified
i didn't mean to leave you injured
but i spilled out all of your Led
i left you all dried up
now it's time to make us bust a Nut
on this pad as our INK continues to flow
over ...and over ...and over ....and over.....and over again....