Thursday, January 24, 2013

Taking That Moment~!

 Taking That Moment~!

From the very moment I thought of you
your presence was inside of my

I didn't know how much joy you could
ever bring me, I was delivered
by the presence of your heart.

I think of you always, my life is now

If I knew about love it was because of you
showing me the way, Remember when you told
me when you are ready.

As you were staring right into my eyes
forever more, just you and me then

See you in the rise of the Sun that shines
so bright.

You held unto the key that unlocked my

There are the Stars at night that shine so
bright in remembering you caught me
never letting me go.

Taking That Moment ~!
I shall love only you, just look into my eyes.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I Wasn't Enough For You?

By the time you read
This there will be a letter
Place by the door waiting
Just for you! no need to
Find me I'm  done I
Out your secret how dare
You! i was a good woman
The best  you  ever had
Now it's over no time for this

Right about now I'm
Still in shock I'll be fine
When everything will be
Done concerning you
How dare you take from
Me the best years of my
Life I thought when it came
Came to you and me i was
Your everything all i see now
Is nothing more than
Wasted years

Tonight I was here like
Always sleeping when I
Heard your phone ringing
Thinking you were at work
Was I surprise to hear a
Woman  voice on the other
End saying baby when are
You coming home?  so I
Listen she  had no idea

She was talking to me your
Your wife then she said the
Kids trying to wait  up for you?
What dam kids? you didn't even
Want any with me I'm in shock
Right about now then she said
Once we put them to bed then
I do what you like to see me in

My natural skin I went off said
This is his dam wife bitch then
She said I married to him too I
Said how have  long you been
Married to you she said 12yrs
I said for me 15yrs I asked how
Many kids she has she told me
You both have five kids the
Oldest was twelve yrs old

The youngest were the two sets
Of twins eight and six that took
My mind away for a moment
Congratulations see your ass in
Court you find the wedding ring
On the floor this marriage is done
The price to pay is your pockets
Now your child support I be the
First to be paid off I was your first
Wife when the court through with
I really don't even give a dam about
You any more good bye!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Water Flows~!

There was a Man
Who was torn
Washed ashore
From a distance

He, thought back
When he arrived
Home, when he
Received the

Ship,that carried
His, wife had a
Accident, she was
To, close to the edge
She, fell over
Never, to be found
Again, couldn't
He see her?
No, she died

Now, she shed
Her, tears if only
This never happen
Instead, it did
She, a ghost at
The sea all alone
Calling his name

How could
He ever recover ?
He found himself
Shutting, down

He begin to
Loose his mind
To a point of
No return calling
Out his wife name

He only kept a
Part of mind
Seeing, her, from
Morning, straight
Into the night

He broke down left
In a Mental Institution 
As he walked in a
daze from the
Medication, he would
Talk to himself
Thinking how he

Broke down being
Caged, walking back
From, one corner to
Another, screaming
Fighting, every day
I, love you!

At the sea
She floating
On, top of
The world her

Body substance
was liquid water
Cry tears, needing
Wanting only

There love was
Precious,and , pure
Some can say undying
Love, now broken

He will never
Be the same
Without his
Only love

She lying
On the earth
At sea, his
Mind, just
Took, him
Waiting on

He died
That, night
Now his soul
Is, free now
They are both
Together, again
Lost, at sea

Friday, July 6, 2012

Self Contained Soul~!

Self contained soul was buried need to
Breathe, today lashing at the world, buried
As you gather your thoughts, can you see the
Soul coming out from with your body? Your
Soul, been crushed scattered ,all over the place
Why? Am I hearing words, that are making no
Sense to me my soul was on over load yet
I remain to sit alone need to figure this out
Where, do I begin, I know release the wicked
World, casting a spell upon my mind you can't
Contain, me my soul came out, I was torn apart reborn again, I'm now free !

Friday, June 22, 2012

Eternal Flame~!

From the first time we
Embrace, you took me
By, surprise when you kissed me
I knew there was something
Very special about you!

It was very sensual, when you step
Into my world, allowed me to
see that there is flames and sparks

I'm sitting here just smiling, thinking of you

Counting on the moments
When I, can spend with you again

You make me feel wonderful
I, make a wish upon a Star, you
Shall remain in my heart forever

When you kiss me I seen sparks
You just took me there, it dosen't matter
Near or far I can only love you.

You left me with first degree burns
within, my inner core of my soul you

Steam, me always, as I release the smoke
You quench my thirst, each time even when
 I think of you from a distance

I can now admit, within reason
There is truth, when they say there is
Eternal flames, kiss me again I'm ready!