Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Strength

 My Strength is my belief in my challenges
In my life, I became humble when I can just bleed
My INK~! I can focus on a pic

All by myself to reconstruct my mind
Channel into my own World as I sit
Still rest awhile, free as the birds that
Fly in the sky

No one really know what to expect of me,
Hell some times I didn't know myself needed
To pray for better days

I begin to lock horns for the fight of my life
I was holding out on myself the burdens ran
It's way for me to say what are you doing?

I had to get it in fighting for a cause
This my life it's me the Poet, I'm claiming
It my time getting stronger every day I get it

I regain my Strength for wisdom
Power peace of mind to open new
Doors for me, thank you God through
My thoughts, you brought me back to
Where I needed to be Strength~!.

Sunday, May 20, 2012


What was on my mind so deep
When all I thought about was only
My needs, no I have two women
That I took advantage of

Dam, I took one out to Dinner
The other just love to stay home
To pamper me all the time why
Did I do this?

Trying to live life in the fast lane
This was insane, never ever thought
For a moment that they knew each other

Words, were exchanged the look on their
Faces, I shall never ever forget their eyes told
The story, as they both stormed out the door

Lies, after another one looking
Like a dam fool in the end, Yes
The price feel upon me

Because I messed their heads up
I, did this there is no more than I
Can, say to either one of them

I fucked them up deceit should
Have been my name their innocence
Is, lost as I took from their forbidden

Fruits, I was there delight now there
No, one to talk to word got out I thought
I was in control, this so call Man who I

Called, myself  the  player was cursed out slapped
In my face that right letting go because to
Tell ,you the truth I left with my head hung
Down, because I was the jack ass it's

Not, about me slapping five with my hommies
If it happen to them I should have known better

It was my time to yeah me the so call smooth
Charmer, left  in the dust because I finally got

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

(The Vamp Sisters)-The Fang-Delicious Saga!! Fang-Delicious- Daughters

Blood Family Vampires Awaking~!
By Rosalind Cherry (The Vamp Sisters)-The Fang-Delicious Saga!!
Fang-Delicious- Daughters

Mother starting to be a bother, after quite some time of many
Centuries from the year of (1897) over and over again we are 
Ordered to wait for the feed, I say Hell to the first order of 
Death. doom is now the time for our feed being that I'm the eldest 
Of The pack Fangula Busty I wheel my victims watch my breast, 
I Lure Them in then I go in for the kill I get there through the fog 
That leads into the night I lure my prey, making them feel love we 
Never, received that not even through Mother always told us to
 Kill the Prey feed on the blood bring it home take your ass straight to your 
Coffins, how many time should we keep listening to her?
 I have something to say to, when you thought I was asleep 
I was in the Sheets getting my freak on I just can't help it,
 I believe this is why Mother named me Fang-Freakious 
I can't help all of you How to Please a man or for you sister Fang Sha Da Fang you Desires 
Both I watch you even as we all bath in blood, no need to 
Be Ashamed you bitch dam straight but your fangs back in your
Mouth, Fangular Dee, why are you so quite? 
you are the Youngest one always quite until you rise to tell 
Mother everything, Well look at all of you acting like you got it all,
 I'm the quite one With the Most kills that why I'm Mother favorite,
 I can get any Man with my Lustful way, I persuaded them my victims young and 
Old with Pleasure, then I rip out there hearts then I now have a 
Taste for The brain I just hate when I have to pick my fangs he he he,
 Oh You are looking surprise no more different when 
I developed The taste for intestines to, Yes I'm the true descent of
 Desmoudous Routundas inscribed on my back Romanian of the 2 
Order of The blood pack, of death and you trying to control the 
Castle look At all of you acting like of pack of fake killers. 
I used My, hyphotic telepathic Powers for all of my pets to turn on you,
 Unless I Become leader of the pack by the way I sharped my Fangs my oh My, 
all of you thought you were on top silly fools, as 
They all Turned around there were hundreds of Vampires all
 Throughout the World destroy kill we are Immortal,Fang-Freakious
Run my bath of blood, Fang-Sha-Da fix my hair my an 
Count Dream eyes waiting on me put your fangs away before 
I rip you Into many pieces I warned you already I know what you were 
Thinking silly bitch, all the time messing with me jealous for what
I was your baby sister. Fang-Da-Busty all you talk about is your
Boobs now you shall conceive our child, I need a niece or nephew 
That will string your breasts that you cherish so much let that be a Lesson to you 
The, walls of the Castle more packs of Dogs,Fogs 
Were setting among them there were bats that through the 
Windows from the High ceilings there they were hanging out. 
Now What were you Saying about following orders. Here come Mother,
 She retired to I have her right beside me yes she been beheaded,
Through me Her head she didn't want to listen to me either ,
 I'm in control and Poor Elizabeth thinking and plotting she was going to be the next 
One before me, Now I'm the ruler Bow down to me, well you lost
 For words no the looks on their face was of no surprise to me no 
Rise I'm the 2order to the first Power Romanians rise as we are Set to kill,
 I have some time to be with Mother lover we are about To get it in.
 Let it be a lesson never sleep on your baby sister now get me my glass of blood,
 I'm starting to look pale I want to rip this town from generation to generation 
wouldn't want Mother name to be in Vain Ha Ha Ha. 
I loving this leader of the pack death and doom will be tattoo 
on me to it's the new thing that out and hot, I hear my lover calling me from his coffin,
wear my black gown tonight we shall marry!
 Here to the power of Blood Family... Vampire Awakenings~! New order
for the year of 2012. Dam Straight

BloodFamily Vampires Awaking~! Meet Rosalind Cherry (Fang-Delicious)

BloodFamily Vampires Awaking~! Meet Rosalind Cherry (Fang-Delicious) 
I have Travel low and High now I'm In the year of 2012! 
Me and my family yet they still choose to Fuck with me and them this battle is about 
To begin, how many time what is this a group of people with Map, 
could they be lost or try to see was this a true story about 
Vampires, let the killing game begin what is this How dare them to 
Enter my Castle as if they would Ever find me the Bastards are in for a surprise 
To leave me with Sacramental bread, Ha Ha now It's time for me to rise,
set upon my need to feed rip their necks I'm so need the thrust, must use my
 Supernatural Powers Should I go as a Bat, Wolf, Dog, or a fog when
 I shift shape No one is ever allowed in my Chambers of death until 
I do my My bid through my Hyphptic-Telepatitic, can't they 
See the eerie walls long corridors right in their faces 
My tomb of death years on being here since, the Centuries (1897)
 I just wonder will they understand my words that was Engraved upon the walls, 
Desmodus Rotundaz words scribed representing Romanian, 
As the town folks still utter the words in fear Vamprism, 
First victim Hum he looks like a keeper I went to go slowly behind his back sized him up he smiled at me.
My eyes set upon him. I commanded him to look into my eyes, 
then I was there in one of many In the Chamber room of death.
 He was fascinated with my tongue as I liked him, as my personal pet.
 I slammed him On the bed we made love then I bit him over and over again,
 Hell I always have a extra coffins, For my new additional family that I keep or for my Soldiers
. He slayed there not saying a word, Now was time for the next victim 
Oh look at him, such a mess I have no need So he will be my kill he seen me,
 my red eyes as if I was the Devil sister as soon as he was in the woods,
 I flew he turned around I could hear his heart pounding such a delicious dish for me,
 I got up close and personal begin to rip his clothes with my long sharp nails, 
Then I took my nails ripped and slash, rip again as if I was chopping fresh meat for Dinner, 
I put my hand in his chest to begin my feast, I love the smell the taste of my killings,
 Another One trying to stop me, How dare you little Bastards and to have two Bitches 
with you come and try me as they tried to reach me there was a Fog then a wolf, 
tired and bored I became a dog, then I was there again as myself, t
here was blood every where cut off heads two women were 
trying to run was there no end to why you all tried to come after me 
I'm the Queen of death remember this night, 
Such silly women look at them where are you trying to go can you not see my strength
 be immortal such as I will you come to terms, I will catch you,
 no Pity looks, don't mean a dam thing to me, I only have the love for blood,
 I get my freak on through the channels of my devilish way, 
I will torture you, ripe you apart from your pretty little heads
 I will walk you through when the in thing was decapitating my kind,
 Ruthless, why didn't they just leave us alone, I rise I rise, my name is 
Fang-Delicious so you don't want to join me, Yes I will Fang-Delious 
I will join your Army of Death Soldiers take me first, 
what is your name they call me Elizabeth, that was the name of one of my 
Father first kill my Mother I will spare you, 
As for you remove your clothing now look into my eyes don't you dare run
 I gave you a chance to join me, as for you Elizabeth, 
I have a bid for you to slice her neck make love with her throat you don't carry out this deed , 
your future is death as well, Now show me what you are made of here are 
my daughters co e to Mothers did all of you eat and feed not upon each other 
Mother hate it when you all get Jealous of each other.No Mother we did what was told,
 I'm so proud we have four hearts for you, Darling please 
I'm trying to watch my weight look at my youngest ,
what do you have for Mother I brought you Parts from the Human heart and intestines to Mother,
 did I make you Proud, fangs were coming out Stop the shit, 
I command you all they stood still waiting on Mother time to go as the dead body 
was torn from their feast, what a night I need my rest so, 
That will teach them to never enter my Castle , 
my Chamber of death, I will rip you tear you into many little pieces.
 Dam know I have to change my Gown, 
I took my new victim and turn her into another me as we all rest in peace
 once we return to the coffins, waiting for another kill for another night 
I'm so tired I just need my sleep Yes Fang-Delicious, never Fuck With Me~!
 if you do Death at your door once you invite me in... Ha Ha Ha Ha . 
When you least expect I'll be waiting for you!