Monday, July 9, 2012

Water Flows~!

There was a Man
Who was torn
Washed ashore
From a distance

He, thought back
When he arrived
Home, when he
Received the

Ship,that carried
His, wife had a
Accident, she was
To, close to the edge
She, fell over
Never, to be found
Again, couldn't
He see her?
No, she died

Now, she shed
Her, tears if only
This never happen
Instead, it did
She, a ghost at
The sea all alone
Calling his name

How could
He ever recover ?
He found himself
Shutting, down

He begin to
Loose his mind
To a point of
No return calling
Out his wife name

He only kept a
Part of mind
Seeing, her, from
Morning, straight
Into the night

He broke down left
In a Mental Institution 
As he walked in a
daze from the
Medication, he would
Talk to himself
Thinking how he

Broke down being
Caged, walking back
From, one corner to
Another, screaming
Fighting, every day
I, love you!

At the sea
She floating
On, top of
The world her

Body substance
was liquid water
Cry tears, needing
Wanting only

There love was
Precious,and , pure
Some can say undying
Love, now broken

He will never
Be the same
Without his
Only love

She lying
On the earth
At sea, his
Mind, just
Took, him
Waiting on

He died
That, night
Now his soul
Is, free now
They are both
Together, again
Lost, at sea

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