Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I Wasn't Enough For You?

By the time you read
This there will be a letter
Place by the door waiting
Just for you! no need to
Find me I'm  done I
Out your secret how dare
You! i was a good woman
The best  you  ever had
Now it's over no time for this

Right about now I'm
Still in shock I'll be fine
When everything will be
Done concerning you
How dare you take from
Me the best years of my
Life I thought when it came
Came to you and me i was
Your everything all i see now
Is nothing more than
Wasted years

Tonight I was here like
Always sleeping when I
Heard your phone ringing
Thinking you were at work
Was I surprise to hear a
Woman  voice on the other
End saying baby when are
You coming home?  so I
Listen she  had no idea

She was talking to me your
Your wife then she said the
Kids trying to wait  up for you?
What dam kids? you didn't even
Want any with me I'm in shock
Right about now then she said
Once we put them to bed then
I do what you like to see me in

My natural skin I went off said
This is his dam wife bitch then
She said I married to him too I
Said how have  long you been
Married to you she said 12yrs
I said for me 15yrs I asked how
Many kids she has she told me
You both have five kids the
Oldest was twelve yrs old

The youngest were the two sets
Of twins eight and six that took
My mind away for a moment
Congratulations see your ass in
Court you find the wedding ring
On the floor this marriage is done
The price to pay is your pockets
Now your child support I be the
First to be paid off I was your first
Wife when the court through with
I really don't even give a dam about
You any more good bye!

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