Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Loving You~!

What has happen to you and me ?
I thought you were the one ,you brought
Me happiness or at least I thought so I
Guess I was so wrong when you dissed me

Then I was left with a broken heart as the tears
That feel from upon my face I seen
The both of you together then I knew
This love we had was not my reality

Instead it became my worst nightmare
All of those years, wasted for you, I became
Depress my existence seem as if I became
A different  person over night with bitterness it
Was my time to break it down become settle
With a peace of mine, yes this was good for me
Because of this, I'm stronger better than before

Time has healed me, I know longer want to
Feel a  thing for you, not in a cruel way to speak
Bad about you, instead it showed me the real you 
It's just the way you left me, I hope you will treat
Her better than you have treated me.

Loving you, was devastating to me when you acted
Like you didn't even knew me, even your family
Was acting like I was a stranger, I didn't deserve that
I was good to every one. Why because she
Had more money than me. Do remember this
In the long run, Money doesn't by love
Enjoy your wedding day,should have been
Me, that's alright she turned her head when
She seen me then she realized the Man who I
Adored and love was you I been talking about
Then I disappeared, never to return ever 

Loving you~!

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