Wednesday, May 9, 2012

BloodFamily Vampires Awaking~! Meet Rosalind Cherry (Fang-Delicious)

BloodFamily Vampires Awaking~! Meet Rosalind Cherry (Fang-Delicious) 
I have Travel low and High now I'm In the year of 2012! 
Me and my family yet they still choose to Fuck with me and them this battle is about 
To begin, how many time what is this a group of people with Map, 
could they be lost or try to see was this a true story about 
Vampires, let the killing game begin what is this How dare them to 
Enter my Castle as if they would Ever find me the Bastards are in for a surprise 
To leave me with Sacramental bread, Ha Ha now It's time for me to rise,
set upon my need to feed rip their necks I'm so need the thrust, must use my
 Supernatural Powers Should I go as a Bat, Wolf, Dog, or a fog when
 I shift shape No one is ever allowed in my Chambers of death until 
I do my My bid through my Hyphptic-Telepatitic, can't they 
See the eerie walls long corridors right in their faces 
My tomb of death years on being here since, the Centuries (1897)
 I just wonder will they understand my words that was Engraved upon the walls, 
Desmodus Rotundaz words scribed representing Romanian, 
As the town folks still utter the words in fear Vamprism, 
First victim Hum he looks like a keeper I went to go slowly behind his back sized him up he smiled at me.
My eyes set upon him. I commanded him to look into my eyes, 
then I was there in one of many In the Chamber room of death.
 He was fascinated with my tongue as I liked him, as my personal pet.
 I slammed him On the bed we made love then I bit him over and over again,
 Hell I always have a extra coffins, For my new additional family that I keep or for my Soldiers
. He slayed there not saying a word, Now was time for the next victim 
Oh look at him, such a mess I have no need So he will be my kill he seen me,
 my red eyes as if I was the Devil sister as soon as he was in the woods,
 I flew he turned around I could hear his heart pounding such a delicious dish for me,
 I got up close and personal begin to rip his clothes with my long sharp nails, 
Then I took my nails ripped and slash, rip again as if I was chopping fresh meat for Dinner, 
I put my hand in his chest to begin my feast, I love the smell the taste of my killings,
 Another One trying to stop me, How dare you little Bastards and to have two Bitches 
with you come and try me as they tried to reach me there was a Fog then a wolf, 
tired and bored I became a dog, then I was there again as myself, t
here was blood every where cut off heads two women were 
trying to run was there no end to why you all tried to come after me 
I'm the Queen of death remember this night, 
Such silly women look at them where are you trying to go can you not see my strength
 be immortal such as I will you come to terms, I will catch you,
 no Pity looks, don't mean a dam thing to me, I only have the love for blood,
 I get my freak on through the channels of my devilish way, 
I will torture you, ripe you apart from your pretty little heads
 I will walk you through when the in thing was decapitating my kind,
 Ruthless, why didn't they just leave us alone, I rise I rise, my name is 
Fang-Delicious so you don't want to join me, Yes I will Fang-Delious 
I will join your Army of Death Soldiers take me first, 
what is your name they call me Elizabeth, that was the name of one of my 
Father first kill my Mother I will spare you, 
As for you remove your clothing now look into my eyes don't you dare run
 I gave you a chance to join me, as for you Elizabeth, 
I have a bid for you to slice her neck make love with her throat you don't carry out this deed , 
your future is death as well, Now show me what you are made of here are 
my daughters co e to Mothers did all of you eat and feed not upon each other 
Mother hate it when you all get Jealous of each other.No Mother we did what was told,
 I'm so proud we have four hearts for you, Darling please 
I'm trying to watch my weight look at my youngest ,
what do you have for Mother I brought you Parts from the Human heart and intestines to Mother,
 did I make you Proud, fangs were coming out Stop the shit, 
I command you all they stood still waiting on Mother time to go as the dead body 
was torn from their feast, what a night I need my rest so, 
That will teach them to never enter my Castle , 
my Chamber of death, I will rip you tear you into many little pieces.
 Dam know I have to change my Gown, 
I took my new victim and turn her into another me as we all rest in peace
 once we return to the coffins, waiting for another kill for another night 
I'm so tired I just need my sleep Yes Fang-Delicious, never Fuck With Me~!
 if you do Death at your door once you invite me in... Ha Ha Ha Ha . 
When you least expect I'll be waiting for you!

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