Friday, March 23, 2012

My Mirror~!

 Deep in thoughts not long ago, I ran
away from my own mirror, I wonder
do another woman from  another Country

Feel like me, think like me worry about
life, what really allow us to go through all
of the ups and downs, I was not pleased
to allow a Man to put me down

Now I must think a format was to be set
in place in orfder to know what i feel one
must walk in my shoes or did you already

what about our African Queens, through
their strength of the Nation from the other
side what did she see? what will she teach

Her children what will she say to them
do we all pray at the same times, as we
look towards the Moon to see the brightnest

of the Stars now focus towards Heaven
my Mirror image of my own life, Have I
been granted now the gift that God has given


To finally see that what you see in a image
is the beauty from your heart your mind yes
I love to see my Image now, I understand

I know my Queens my sisters of many
Nations, walked many miles too in grace
we shall rise and stand as one deep in my


You could say i became the wise thinker
for the word to see, I speak of love I have
a Soul I'm God child, I'm not alone enough

For me to say look into the Mirror stand
tall with pride,smile blessings of the day
this is for all the Queens, Rise, Rise, Rise

Be lifted, Pray my emotions of a thinker
who was once scared of any mirror not
any more, I was Classified in fear no more


Time to see myself one more time
in my Mirror, Thank you God

 Now as you make new Paths in Life
move forward to a better day, What makes
us real women understanding bonding sharing


Again I say to you have you
took a good look at yourself
in the Mirror to say I love me

Now go for what you know
learn to grow and continue
on to love

I see you in the Mirror Now~!

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