Friday, March 2, 2012

I Could Be Any One Of These Beautiful Women~!

There's something special that I can see, when I look into their eyes
We as Women want to be free, release ourselves you feeling me
 I just want to smile, walk with grace and see the World express my mind
Do you see what I see, Now here is a woman that is as rare as a beautiful Rose
 She delicate in every way, never let go of the soft petals look into our souls as we release it ,It is how and what you do, to make us happy

  Oh my you treat me so well. I can see where we might be, but I don't want to be compromised to see you say to me it's a waste of time, But I feel good when it comes to be the one in love with you and only you~! When you showed me your heart that love was meant to be ,Once I seen it in your eyes as you seen
the beauty within me~!

Now you want me to dance and watch my hips
I know what you like, my rhythm is tight
when oh you get all over me, when we are dancing
I go all up in it, watch these hips move left to right
just for you my Boo, making me work for this in the
end ,I be the one wrapped up in your arms~!I dance
all around the world ,just you and me as I set you to
look into my soul, let us dance again, watch my hips
I love when you lift me this is the best life ever,This
life is priceless ,Women of this world,so special and rare
so except us ,show us that a deep love is real , never ever
let it go because once we are in your heart we shall remain
forever only just for you~!

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