Thursday, March 1, 2012

Who Can Say Love Can't Hurt ~!

I look towards Heaven and asking God this need
has to be control ,because you can't make a person
feel for you but when I see him those eyes that took
my breath away I miss you, sometimes fate has a way
for you to look at life in a different way smiles start to
fade but yet you but this front up, but you know the real dam you can't hide from yourself, or can you see
your emotions have you on the edge, well have that talk with God you shall see as you look towards the
sun he been watching you from afar,did you feel like
you just wanted to cry, then feel free to do so we are all human beings remember how happy you were as soon as he pulled up that smile was priceless, thing of the past now and for as much as it tampers your soul
let it go time to move on,if a man love you for real he be right there for you no matter what rejection, well you are not alone it has happen to many of us,some choose to say it why other choose to hide it telling you
about a mystery man that don't exist at all maybe one day
he might just see how much you loved him until then keep
that contact with God~!

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