Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Living the life of a epileptic, come sadness
at times, trapped in a corner, 
being teased as a child
How do you survive?
I refused to let pity play a part of me 
then I'm on the floor trying to breath, 
just don't look and stare
make a call,

This is not the time for me to die
I'm a human being, just like you, 
I can smile,
I love to read, so why are you so afraid of me 
You question my sanity,
As I take my pills in order to live 

God had plans for me
I take it all in every day
I continue on to pray. 
Step into my world.
Can't you see when I'm left alone, 
I became lifted within my soul
Free is what I was told
Yes me, I'm free...
Gods power is my strength,
My word for me

Today in my life, as i smile, 
Even in and out of the Hospitals
I'm still Lifted, I was blessed to see another day...
So never judge, we are just misunderstood
Time to make a stand~! 
The world is looking for people
like us Epileptics~!  
We are people to...
All we want is to be treated fairly.

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