Sunday, May 20, 2012


What was on my mind so deep
When all I thought about was only
My needs, no I have two women
That I took advantage of

Dam, I took one out to Dinner
The other just love to stay home
To pamper me all the time why
Did I do this?

Trying to live life in the fast lane
This was insane, never ever thought
For a moment that they knew each other

Words, were exchanged the look on their
Faces, I shall never ever forget their eyes told
The story, as they both stormed out the door

Lies, after another one looking
Like a dam fool in the end, Yes
The price feel upon me

Because I messed their heads up
I, did this there is no more than I
Can, say to either one of them

I fucked them up deceit should
Have been my name their innocence
Is, lost as I took from their forbidden

Fruits, I was there delight now there
No, one to talk to word got out I thought
I was in control, this so call Man who I

Called, myself  the  player was cursed out slapped
In my face that right letting go because to
Tell ,you the truth I left with my head hung
Down, because I was the jack ass it's

Not, about me slapping five with my hommies
If it happen to them I should have known better

It was my time to yeah me the so call smooth
Charmer, left  in the dust because I finally got

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