Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Strength

 My Strength is my belief in my challenges
In my life, I became humble when I can just bleed
My INK~! I can focus on a pic

All by myself to reconstruct my mind
Channel into my own World as I sit
Still rest awhile, free as the birds that
Fly in the sky

No one really know what to expect of me,
Hell some times I didn't know myself needed
To pray for better days

I begin to lock horns for the fight of my life
I was holding out on myself the burdens ran
It's way for me to say what are you doing?

I had to get it in fighting for a cause
This my life it's me the Poet, I'm claiming
It my time getting stronger every day I get it

I regain my Strength for wisdom
Power peace of mind to open new
Doors for me, thank you God through
My thoughts, you brought me back to
Where I needed to be Strength~!.

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