Friday, March 23, 2012

My Mirror~!

 Deep in thoughts not long ago, I ran
away from my own mirror, I wonder
do another woman from  another Country

Feel like me, think like me worry about
life, what really allow us to go through all
of the ups and downs, I was not pleased
to allow a Man to put me down

Now I must think a format was to be set
in place in orfder to know what i feel one
must walk in my shoes or did you already

what about our African Queens, through
their strength of the Nation from the other
side what did she see? what will she teach

Her children what will she say to them
do we all pray at the same times, as we
look towards the Moon to see the brightnest

of the Stars now focus towards Heaven
my Mirror image of my own life, Have I
been granted now the gift that God has given


To finally see that what you see in a image
is the beauty from your heart your mind yes
I love to see my Image now, I understand

I know my Queens my sisters of many
Nations, walked many miles too in grace
we shall rise and stand as one deep in my


You could say i became the wise thinker
for the word to see, I speak of love I have
a Soul I'm God child, I'm not alone enough

For me to say look into the Mirror stand
tall with pride,smile blessings of the day
this is for all the Queens, Rise, Rise, Rise

Be lifted, Pray my emotions of a thinker
who was once scared of any mirror not
any more, I was Classified in fear no more


Time to see myself one more time
in my Mirror, Thank you God

 Now as you make new Paths in Life
move forward to a better day, What makes
us real women understanding bonding sharing


Again I say to you have you
took a good look at yourself
in the Mirror to say I love me

Now go for what you know
learn to grow and continue
on to love

I see you in the Mirror Now~!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Miles Away ~!

 How is that you can speak of love
from a distance,from two very different
Women, Miles away...

I missed you every day, until I found the letter
no need to deny it final what I expected is right
here before me....

Do you realized that sooner or  later you would
get caught in your own web, Did you take those
times of diving in the Ocean to together?

Just like you did with me, did you
make love to her caress her say things
like I love you? Yet you still have nothing
to say? Lies have a way to catch up with
you, so Good bye stay away forever as I
allow myself to heal...

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Living the life of a epileptic, come sadness
at times, trapped in a corner, 
being teased as a child
How do you survive?
I refused to let pity play a part of me 
then I'm on the floor trying to breath, 
just don't look and stare
make a call,

This is not the time for me to die
I'm a human being, just like you, 
I can smile,
I love to read, so why are you so afraid of me 
You question my sanity,
As I take my pills in order to live 

God had plans for me
I take it all in every day
I continue on to pray. 
Step into my world.
Can't you see when I'm left alone, 
I became lifted within my soul
Free is what I was told
Yes me, I'm free...
Gods power is my strength,
My word for me

Today in my life, as i smile, 
Even in and out of the Hospitals
I'm still Lifted, I was blessed to see another day...
So never judge, we are just misunderstood
Time to make a stand~! 
The world is looking for people
like us Epileptics~!  
We are people to...
All we want is to be treated fairly.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


How can one set their feelings
to capture ones heart?
Keep your heart open to love
A bitter taste from upon your tongue as you lash
towards my way~!

You once said,
 That my beauty came from within my love
That I had for you
Now all that is left is a broken heart~!

I could see these thoughts
 That made my mind clouded
Yes, I must have seen that you drowned my mind
 into tiny fragments of anger
She lost her soul
My way of living is now through misery
Deeper and deeper, I'm drowning

No pose for you today
Shattered, not any more
Piece by piece I will pick myself up
I will not drown today...
I'd rather be left alone~!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Shall Remember You Forever~!

I wanted to let my hair down
feel the breeze tender moments
of you and me,
I missed you
especially when
played in my hair,
we had so
much love. to give
then it was the accident
now it's over,
you are gone forever
tears of sadness,as i look out
towards the pond
I could see you, by our
special place,me you
 I thought forever,
 let me close
my eyes just pretend...
you are still here with
as I threw the flowers in
the pond to
always to remember you ~!
because that love
remain in my heart

Thursday, March 8, 2012

I Want To Travel The World ~! See You Again

I want to travel the World to see you
then I realized in my mind...

Where do I go, who would tell me
loving you, missed you, I love the
air cool waters that touched
my body, as my emotion

were set into play, I want to sail
let my hair down, just to see what
life could be like...
so pure so precious, captured
core of my soul, when we
made love for the very
time I knew
I loved you~!

Friday, March 2, 2012

I Could Be Any One Of These Beautiful Women~!

There's something special that I can see, when I look into their eyes
We as Women want to be free, release ourselves you feeling me
 I just want to smile, walk with grace and see the World express my mind
Do you see what I see, Now here is a woman that is as rare as a beautiful Rose
 She delicate in every way, never let go of the soft petals look into our souls as we release it ,It is how and what you do, to make us happy

  Oh my you treat me so well. I can see where we might be, but I don't want to be compromised to see you say to me it's a waste of time, But I feel good when it comes to be the one in love with you and only you~! When you showed me your heart that love was meant to be ,Once I seen it in your eyes as you seen
the beauty within me~!

Now you want me to dance and watch my hips
I know what you like, my rhythm is tight
when oh you get all over me, when we are dancing
I go all up in it, watch these hips move left to right
just for you my Boo, making me work for this in the
end ,I be the one wrapped up in your arms~!I dance
all around the world ,just you and me as I set you to
look into my soul, let us dance again, watch my hips
I love when you lift me this is the best life ever,This
life is priceless ,Women of this world,so special and rare
so except us ,show us that a deep love is real , never ever
let it go because once we are in your heart we shall remain
forever only just for you~!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Who Can Say Love Can't Hurt ~!

I look towards Heaven and asking God this need
has to be control ,because you can't make a person
feel for you but when I see him those eyes that took
my breath away I miss you, sometimes fate has a way
for you to look at life in a different way smiles start to
fade but yet you but this front up, but you know the real dam you can't hide from yourself, or can you see
your emotions have you on the edge, well have that talk with God you shall see as you look towards the
sun he been watching you from afar,did you feel like
you just wanted to cry, then feel free to do so we are all human beings remember how happy you were as soon as he pulled up that smile was priceless, thing of the past now and for as much as it tampers your soul
let it go time to move on,if a man love you for real he be right there for you no matter what rejection, well you are not alone it has happen to many of us,some choose to say it why other choose to hide it telling you
about a mystery man that don't exist at all maybe one day
he might just see how much you loved him until then keep
that contact with God~!