Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Will Are Paths Meet Again ~!

I went out on a date with this very special man, He said
would you like to go with me into this out standing cave
I said yes, there was the sun rise starting to go down now
I proceeded to go on with him any way never thought for
a moment that he could really find an interest in me but as he
continue to light the fire the cave was so breath taking he gathered

up more wood, we were close together, I never felt so safe
but this man had special qualities about him, let me see what
will become of this Champagne , cheddar cheese and grapes he
was spoiling me already, I closed my eyes to hear the wind

 then he stood up before me ,to say to me, lets take a walk, there is
still more to show you I smiled the whole time,I kept trying to listen
for his foot steps. I knew maybe to you or others it sounds funny but
to tell you the truth ,I was a little, scared especially when we walked
to the edge but he had me that whole time,it was the best day ever
he asked me would I mind going out with him again and I said yes,
can't wait because this man really excited me~! 

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