Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Where Can He Be ~!

 Where can he be I'm in heat he driving me crazy, why did I do
this to myself again some old thing day in day out why did I see
that this might be something to know that I was changing love is
really something deep I'm all alone now, what will I do can't call it

I had to look like everything alright but it wasn't to tell
you the truth it was never the same since he left me now
just going back in time to the good old days, what can I
now say that once i seen the keys on the table I knew he
was now just gone for good, while I'm here still looking
for him to come home~! But it's to late but I can change
one day he shall see this nut case finally got it moving on
to better days still yet to come~!

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