Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Woman Touch Can Turn Into Gold ~!

When I think of you I can transform, look at me what
can you see that this love is deep I'm now in a trance
over you I love the way you make me feel so dam sexy
only having my eyes just for you there no need to prove
what I feel for you lean back and you shall see I'm right
behind you,loving,showing,sharing,seeing, all that you have
been to me the grass that we lay upon the bed together Wow
you have me screaming your name over and over again those
special satin sheets the softness between me and you is so real
I never  want to be no other place than between you nice and
slow harder deep screaming and riding you are the true keeper

My King...My transformation is amazing I needed you can you
can see it too the transformation of a Woman touch is quite amazing
We learn from each other I know you love when I whisper in your
ear you know that thing that turns you on when I say get  into your
Position let me follow you to the bed of roses softness of my body
against your your strength is all that I shall ever need I love you can
you see this is what i needed all of my life as a Queen my King is Here~!

So you can see the transformation has been set all because of you I'm looking into your
eyes over and over again deeper and deeper I shall see that a true King knows how to keep
his Queen and treat her right~!

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