Monday, February 27, 2012

Oh My Did You Noticed Me From Afar~! Really Darling

It was known that I could travel many places throughout the
world but yet in my thoughts of many travels,There you were
from a distance let me strike a pose the camera was ready but
was I needed a break for myself no cameras please but something
was different I love the way you smile you had that way with me, you
knew it well too so I was dress to kill, Hum what would be your next move I would say to myself so he introduced himself to me I was so
please to meet him finally he said would you like a light so instantly by
surprise I strike a pose, but I kept it real to say that this fine looking
man was of no interest to me at all. then I would only be lying to all
of any one so I accepted the light from him then I pretended that he
was among the crowd of many, Oh here they come again flash, flash
time to go driver please I need my car then as I went to take my keys
there he was to say where would you like to go, I smile and said surprise
me that was a wonderful night a evening to see that special man and me
were in the car together finally then we went towards my home and yes
I said you are welcome to come with me~! Best part of the night when he
said may I call you my Darling~! How divine  ~! How nice what a beautiful

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