Monday, February 20, 2012

Fire and Desire

COLLABORATION DONE BY Rosalind Cherry and Alfreda Ghee
(In Response To William S. Peters Sr. and Miguel Keaton)

Sista Roz

You don't really know about my spankings
but you are saying you don't really know me you are so right
but why are you looking at me this way
forget about what you heard
let me whisper this in your ears Shhhhh
now we might have our needs
but get in here and close that door
now you can start by saying please.
Feel the softness of my skin
is the warmth of the Valley
the Garden is covered with the flows of my juices
now can you see why my Valley runs deep
with my motion of my potion
loving my flow I now respond by saying to you in a whisper

Sista Free

My eyes are wide open
ears hearing you speak those sweet words
love has captured us but will you entice us thrice
as i wipe your sweat from your brow
while my eyes caress your  thighs
my mind travels down your chest and feast upon the rest
my lips fondle your inner calls of desires
as i leave traces of hot trails of wet licks down your back.....

Sista Roz

i have what you can call the Native Dancer
watch me as i move my hips
i get lower and lower
i will leave you in a trance
dont take your eyes off of me spilling my ink
upon feelings that have you thinking that i am the QUEEN
out here on mating season
while the whole time my KING was caught up looking into my eyes
can you start to feel the heat
now look at my lips
taste them
what flavor come into tplay
are you getting hot yet from this jungle fever
as when im finished with you
you will be climbing trees
as i lay there watching you screaming out my name
thats right the QUEEN.......THE KEEPER.....
that gave you this hot fever
you know what i like to
now start to suck my toes
im bringing out my desires 
and as i watching you drip after drip
until you sweat moving and thrusting forward
im QUEEN of the jungle
you are now under attack
you have been naughty 
now i have to spank you
lets talk about the ecstasies
you talk of blowing your horn
whenim done with you
your breath is almost over
you're breathing hard im going to give you a moment to catch your breat
have you seen the way i can sattle you up
straight to the mountain top
now lay down Daddy
here is your glass of water
is that you calling my name again
"Oh Roz mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm"
QUEEN of the jungle i tamed you just right.....

Sista Free

 my pen leaks with ink and replinish itself on demand
we are full of life and live only to please 
and rock you with ease
as you lay between our thighs
i will rise to every lick and flick that you attempt to giveas long
as you seize the moment and do as i please
making your body gyrate as i squeeze you so gently
as i leave melodies of humming across your loins
 in warm burst of squirts coming from
your beingyour every word is "oh My God Has sent Me An Angel
i am ready to claim her"this isnt a dream
this is really what it seems
my licks and sucks of your every width
speaking in tongues you shall be in hush
you will melt like M&M's.....
 but.... we are like Lays you can't just eat one.....

Sista Free and Sista  Roz

i will suck if they should

cause when the sucking is done
the real action will be beginning
and your flood gates will open
because your led pencil has now gone on empty
i know what i did was justified
i didn't mean to leave you injured
but i spilled out all of your Led
i left you all dried up
now it's time to make us bust a Nut
on this pad as our INK continues to flow
over ...and over ...and over ....and over.....and over again.... 

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