Monday, February 27, 2012

In The Night I Shall Always Be Reminded Of You~!

When I first seen you in the night of darkness that fell
I knew you were my shining light you took me to that
very special place you told me this a new path for me
me and you I tried to see was this really what you were
feeling fin your heart for me or was,it just words that you
wanted m to feel good about myself, but I look into your
eyes you melted my soul I would be lost without you funny
thing about love when you don't look for it what a blessing
Strong man with a strong Woman is priceless what about that
kiss that can say it all or the way he can touch your face, loving
I enjoy our time together in the night fall holding hands laughing
just me and you I'm so happy now we have a foundation,we are
are God creation so you see my inner thoughts of thinking of him
In the night I shall always be reminded of you ~! Love you always

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