Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Two Lives Being Played On Why ~!

 Dam life has a way of catching up with you funny.Now peep this my Boo
was telling me that he was seeing a Woman I knew, but never told me it was
his Boss and my long time friend now this is something I have to live with, so
I loss all of my respect I was now in a rage, I would think about the time she
was licking her lips closing her eyes and to think the dessert was him, Lives
being tampered with have seen the difference to way I sleep and eat,because
I'm now carrying his baby this low down dirty dog~!

Dam I did a three year bid now I'm caught between two women
love my Chocolate and my Whip cream to bad I can have them
both together yeah I have to admit to be a freak in the bed , floor
any where but I still love my wife and the way I got busted, by her
Mom she shall never ever respect me again as I was lying in the bed with my Boss this shit is down right dirty my wife having my baby never forget that look that she gave me when she hung up the phone~! If look could kill I be dead  right now~! Dam!!!

Oh well I been busted but he told me he loved me now
she having his baby, why did his mother law have to
have the keys to their home, now he wants me you wait
on him when I know his ass will receive from him no call
no show this is the last time I shall mess with a married
man dam shame because I'm going to miss him move
away because when his wife drops her load she going
to beat my ass ~! So I'll pack right now to get away~!
My lies my shame,fake excuses finally caught up to me
no job,no life, I lost it all because of this married man nothing
will ever be the same~!

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